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A deep dive

Earnings made simple, transparent, and always evolving

In the evolving digital landscape, Bundatia aims to create a symbiotic relationship with our partners. Our unique profit-sharing mechanism ensures that when we grow, you grow. Let's dive deep into the specifics of how you can benefit monetarily through our platform.

Basic Earnings

Your Share of the Profit Pie​

For every sale made in your shop, we’ve simplified our distribution to ensure transparency. You earn 25% of our share, which, in real terms, translates to 1% of the total revenue generated by your shop.


Given the multifaceted costs associated with running an online platform, including technology infrastructure, marketing, support, and platform fees, 1% is your piece of the profit after these expenses. It’s crucial to understand that this isn’t a fixed number. As we aim to optimize our operations and increase the revenue share, our goal is to boost this to 3%.

Spreading the Word

The 'Tell A Friend' Bonus

We believe that a happy partner is our best ambassador. For every friend you bring onboard who successfully sets up their shop, we credit $50 to your account. This isn’t just a referral incentive—it's our way of thanking you for expanding the Bundatia community.

1. Share the Bundatia Experience

Let your friends know about the incredible platform and the potential it holds.

2. They Sign Up

Your friend joins Bundatia and launches their shop.

3. You Get Rewarded

Once their shop is up and running, you receive your $50 bonus.
The Mutual Growth

The Mutual Growth Perspective

We’re not just a platform; we’re your business partners. As your sales amplify, our shared ambition is to elevate the profit percentage. This mutual growth vision ensures that our successes are intertwined, making our partnership beneficial on multiple fronts.

Bundatia is consistently seeking avenues to increase its operational efficiency, resulting in a higher profit margin. This, in turn, promises a brighter earning prospect for you.