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General Information

We operate stores on platforms like Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, etc. on behalf of Chinese merchants who are not allowed to open them themselves.

Platforms like Etsy have specific restrictions that prevent Chinese merchants from opening their own shops.

We have a curated list of countries supported by Bundatia, tailored based on the marketplace operators’ guidelines.

Registrant's Role and Responsibility

No, we assume full responsibility for the store’s management, as detailed in our terms and conditions.

Through our agreements with Chinese merchants, we obtain a percentage from the store’s revenue. We handle tasks such as supporting registrants, transaction processing, and drafting agreements. For your contribution, you receive 25% of our share.

As the shop is registered in your name, we provide 25% of our revenue as gratitude for your partnership.

The 25% is derived from the total revenue your store generates.

The Chinese merchant oversees the store. We, however, are accountable for every aspect related to the store’s functioning.

According to our terms, you should refrain from any interactions with the store. Any such intervention risks potential closure. Always operate under our directives and avoid logging in post the initial setup.

Contracts and Privacy

Indeed, by consenting to our terms and conditions, you enter a binding contract regulated by Swiss law. Post your registration, a copy of this agreement will be dispatched to you via email.

Payouts are processed in the month succeeding the earning month. For instance, revenues earned in June will be disbursed in July.

Post the shop’s inception, there’s nothing further needed on your end. We manage all store-linked tasks.

Our first approach is to attempt a restoration. If unsuccessful, we pledge to initiate a new store for you, given that marketplace operators sometimes shut down stores without explicit justifications.

Our privacy measures are in line with the latest Swiss data protection law that came into effect on September 1, 2023.

Our dedicated customer service team is always available to assist with any inquiries.

We commit to routine quality audits which encompass a thorough review of all stores, evaluating user feedback, and even orchestrating ghost purchases to ensure unwavering satisfaction.

While possible, we advise against immediate multiple store openings. We will, however, touch base periodically to discuss the feasibility of opening additional stores.

Additional Questions

No, registering and opening a shop under our guidance is entirely free.

We operate within the confines of the law, with agreements governed by Swiss jurisdiction, ensuring all operations are legitimate.

We provide full-fledged support, from the shop’s inception, management, to addressing any challenges that might arise.

Shop Operations and Safety

Our rigorous vetting processes, in combination with our partnerships with Chinese merchants, ensure the authenticity and legality of the goods sold. Plus, as mentioned earlier, we take full responsibility for the shops, minimizing any risks for you.

Initially, shops may earn around $2-$3. However, as we invest in advertising, monthly earnings can rise to $50-$100 after a minimum of 6 months. Over time, we also plan to increase the profit shares from 25% to 50%.

All necessary information and guidance will be sent to you via email or WhatsApp. Following our instructions precisely ensures your shop runs smoothly. However, deviating even slightly might lead to immediate shop closure due to the strictness of platform operators.

The shops primarily focus on jewelry, wedding-related items, and a variety of handcrafted products.

We pride ourselves on maintaining high-quality standards across all the shops we oversee. Regular quality assurance checks are carried out to ensure consistent performance and customer satisfaction. If a shop does experience a significant influx of negative reviews, we take this very seriously. We will investigate the root cause, collaborate with the trader to rectify any issues, and take appropriate actions up to and including termination of our contract with the trader, if deemed necessary.

While we understand registrants may have preferences, the trader is solely responsible for product selection, stock, and trading activities. Our role is to ensure that the shop operates smoothly, adheres to platform guidelines, and delivers a satisfactory customer experience.

We commit to routine quality audits which encompass a thorough review of all stores, evaluating user feedback, and even orchestrating ghost purchases to ensure unwavering satisfaction.

The setup and activation of a new shop typically take a minimum of two weeks. This duration allows for the marketplace operator’s review process. During this critical phase, it’s imperative not to log into the shop. Any unauthorized access can jeopardize the review process. If, for some reason, you do need to access the shop, please notify us immediately so we can take precautionary measures.

Financial Aspects

The only fee you might encounter is a verification fee of approximately 30 cents. There are no other costs on your part.

Each time a payout is made, we provide a summary of your shop’s performance and earnings. Moreover, you can independently monitor your shop’s activity by its shop name.

There’s no minimum payout threshold. However, bank fees might apply. We’re flexible and offer payment methods like Revolut, WeTransfer, etc., to help you minimize potential costs.

Absolutely! We are open to various payment methods to suit your preferences.

Transparency and fairness are core tenets of our business model. In the unlikely event of a dispute, our initial approach is to resolve the matter amicably and in good faith. If a resolution isn’t reached through mutual agreement, then any further proceedings will be managed by the mediation center in Basel, Switzerland, as specified in our terms and conditions.

There is no minimum earnings threshold. We value each registrant and ensure that payouts are made regardless of the shop’s earnings, provided it aligns with the payout schedule.

We take full responsibility for any fees or penalties that arise due to operational oversights on our part. However, if it’s determined that a fee or penalty was due to an action taken by the registrant against our guidelines, then the cost will be borne by the registrant.

Long-Term Aspects

Yes, you can exit the agreement, but there is a minimum contract duration of 2 years according to our terms and conditions.

In such an event, shops would either be closed or returned to you, based on the prevailing circumstances.

For data privacy reasons, we currently don’t facilitate interactions between registrants.

Keeping your information updated is crucial for ensuring seamless operations and payouts. If there are any changes in your details, promptly notify us, so we can update our records and ensure that there are no disruptions to your shop’s operation or your payments.


Not currently. However, as we expand and manage more shops, we have plans to increase profit shares to 50%.

Yes, for every successful shop opened through your referral, you receive a bonus of $50.

There are minimal risks involved, as the responsibility primarily lies with us. We take every measure to ensure the smooth operation of the shops.

While we cater to a global audience, our shops currently operate in English to maintain consistency and ensure a broad reach.

We appreciate the proactive involvement of our registrants. While you’re free to suggest promotions or strategies, the ultimate decision rests with the trader, as they are responsible for the shop’s products and operations. Nonetheless, we always welcome feedback and work towards integrating valuable suggestions for the betterment of the shop’s performance.


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