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Step 3 of 4 (Optional)

Credit Card for Verification

Enhance Your Registration: Consider Optional Credit Card Info

Enhance your registration process by optionally providing your credit card information for smoother verification. While this step is not mandatory, it’s important to note that our data shows an 80% rejection rate for registrations without this information. This significantly increases the risk of your shop not being approved by marketplace operators like Etsy or Amazon.

Should this occur, your access to our systems would be restricted for a minimum of one year, and you would be excluded from the Bundatia Program. We assure you that your credit card information will be promptly deleted after successful registration to protect your data. Not providing this information greatly heightens the risk of rejection.

We understand this is an important decision. If you have any concerns or need more information, please feel free to reach out for assistance.

For Skysonic Bluetooth headphones, this step is mandatory.

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