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Government Issued Document

Secure Your Identity: Upload Your Government Issued Document

To complete your registration, we require a copy of your government issued document such as ID card, passport, or residence permit. This helps us ensure the security of our platform and verify the legitimacy of all users. Please upload your document, and rest assured, we will treat this information confidentially.

Please take note of the following criteria for the types of identification we can accept:

  • We exclusively accept IDs with Latin characters.
  • Your ID copy must distinctly display your full name, date of birth, and expiry date.
  • The ID must be currently valid and not expired.
  • The information on the document should correspond to the name provided on your account. If you opt to use a single name, please ensure your documentation validates that you legally go by a single name.
  • A government-issued health card does not qualify as an acceptable form of identification.
  • If you are providing a passport, kindly include only the profile page (featuring your name, passport number, photo, etc.).

Moreover, here are some tips to ensure your image capture contains all the necessary information for us to review the document effectively:

  • Place your ID on a plain, dark surface. This will enhance the contrast between your ID and the background.
  • Ensure you are in a well-lit environment, allowing all information on your ID card to be easily legible. We require all four corners of your ID to be visible in the image capture.
  • Minimize exposure to bright light while capturing the image. If your file is not clear, we may encounter difficulty confirming your information.
  • Avoid any distortion of the image.
  • Capture the image from a 180° angle.

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